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High performance bushings??

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I just purchased a 99 STS with 90,000mi on it. I have some squeaky bushings in the suspension, front and back. I was wondering if anybody had heard of polyurethane bushing kits for an STS. I have looked and cannot find anything. I put these on a GT Mustang I had in the past. It stiffened up the ride and really upped the handling.
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Which bushings are you looking for? PST only has RWD Caddys. You might try Jegs.
I would like to get a polyeurathane kit. I will try Jegs. Thanks!
I'll be looking for the same thing for my '01 soon. Energy Suspension seems to have some promising leads for universal polyurethane parts that may fit:


End links:

I have not had a wheel off to do any measuring, so I'm not positive they have parts that'll fit. But I'd like to do some measuring soon. If anyone knows for sure, please speak up! :)
You'll need to make a Plate that goes under the Energy Susp. Sway-Bar bushings, in the front. You'll need to make an exact copy of that plat for the rear, and use a bolt through the top hole.

I did this to my '01 Olds Aurora and helped my Bro do it to his '99 STS.

Is this for cornering and speed can I do this to my 1992 4.9 but will it ride bad in the city the roads here in brookfield are nice but I travel in to downtown Milwaukee and the streets are just crap pot holes and asphalt then the big interchange is real bad please advise
Geesh. Complete sentences please. I can't figure out what you are trying to contribute, ask, etc!
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