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Hello Everyone
Newbie here...
Just got a 96 STS.....with 200,000 miles
It has the usual "Oil Consumption" problem....But I believe most all the miles were highway miles.
Are the Northstars a mutiple hundred thousand mile engine?
Or should i be gettin a little worried.
Before...I've driven Riviera's...both of which now have 300,000 miles...and have never been in to. Is the Northstar noted for similar reliability?
Any feedback appreciated
Thx first post :)


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Hello adaddo, :wave:

Just be sure that you keep the cooling system clean and add the pellets when you change the fluid. That is one of the keys to keeping the N* running right. The oil consumption and leaks are common on the N* and shouldn't be much of a worry. Treat her good and you should get your money's worth out of her.

Welcome to THE CADILLACFOURMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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