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High Beam Projector Mod

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Has anyone attempted or has heard of a high-beam projector mod for the CTS? I'm not talking about an HID modification, just adding a projector to the high beam assembly to even things out. :bulb:
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I was thinking of doing the same thing. If I get a chance this weekend when I add my HID to the fog lights and fix one of the headlights. I'll look into seeing if the low and high beam projectors can be swapped. I'll let you know if this is possible. If so, I guess the both of us will be looking on eBay for some projectors. :)

I was under the impression that these headlights are really difficult to take apart and put back together.
In what way??? To get to the actual headlight housing. Yes, because you have to take the bumper off and such. Though I've done it twice before and it would be easy for me.

Once the bumper is off, there are only four things on each housing to take off. Two bolts and one nut, or the other way around. then the fourth item is the hosing for the wash.

There are three big gas cap looking covers for access to the bulbs. If I remember correctly, there are four philips screws on the two "projectors".

It will be very slow but if you take your time, you'll get a perfect fit.

I am installing a projector in my fog light housing - already done one but I have to seal it up still. The projector was from an STS fog light housing.

I've also played with the tail light. It's very difficult to remove the lens without breaking it.
How does your 3157 work in there? Meaning the current drawn makes the car think there is a bulb out. So what your fix for that? I'm a slot tech, so I have rescorses for resistors or what not. I read it some where that their needed. But I don't know the vaule that is needed.

1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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