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High Beam Projector Mod

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Has anyone attempted or has heard of a high-beam projector mod for the CTS? I'm not talking about an HID modification, just adding a projector to the high beam assembly to even things out. :bulb:
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Cool...I actually wont get to mine until Jun, but let me know! I think the assembly will look alot more "up to date" with dual projectors. I bought a set of headlights and am going to open em up and begin a custom assembly in Jun. I already have plans for leds / matching paint / eyelids but never thought of covering that ugly halogen bulb with a projector until now...keep me posted!
The housing will probably be a big challenge to open up, hence me purchasing a set to "play with". They were not constructed for that. I don't think the oven method will work on the housing, and even if it did, I'm not sure what kind of damage would be caused. But I wont be certain until I get my sleeves rolled up. Based on initial survey of the assembly, it may come down to the trusty Dremmel and straight up re-fabrication. I'll pick my approach when they get here. Either way, clear fogs/drls are unique enough (installed already), but a custom headlight assembly? Now we are talking about "setting yourself apart". Wishful thinking for now, but I'll get it done!
Those are some nice projectors too. The reasons you listed make a point as to why this isn't a common modification. That's what drives to do it even more! We'll see when they get here...good thing about being a prior airframe mechanic is that I will definitely find a way to do. Failure is not an option! lol
Gauge, did you do this process for your CTS? It makes sense. A junkyard should have the other set I need. I'll give this method a shot maybe. THX...
Sounds like we have the same idea. Not 100% sure of my approach yet, but I'm looking at fabricating a custom LED tail assembly as well. Initially, I thought of just opening the assembly, trimming away the excess reflective material inside that separates the bulbs and installing waterproof LED strips flush against the lens. I'll leave the 3156 LED I already have for the directional. The problem with that is the LED's in those waterproof strips are not bright and big enough for my liking. 10mm is the way to go and I found a source. They are bigger and brighter. Downside is I have to make a custom board to install the LED's because I have not found a 10mm LED strip yet, only the smaller ones like SB4EVA used on his DRL's.
Already posted elsewhere on the forum but it's a simple process.

I put a 3156 in front and rear since vs a 3157 I didn't need dual-circuit. Just spice a load resistor from any auto parts store (Auto Zone, Pep Boys, Checkers...) in-line with the bulb and viola...LED directional. Looks 100 times better...make sure it doesn't touch plastic or wires because it gets just as hot as a filament bulb...
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