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High Beam Projector Mod

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Has anyone attempted or has heard of a high-beam projector mod for the CTS? I'm not talking about an HID modification, just adding a projector to the high beam assembly to even things out. :bulb:
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The plastic lens is near impossible to separate from the grey housing without damaging the lens. The glue used fuses the pieces together. Many have tried to separate the lens/housing, including the tried'n'true method using an oven. You can't even pry them apart.

You can try, maybe you have a new method that noone knows about. If youve got the money to waste, try it out!
The housing will probably be a big challenge to open up, hence me purchasing a set to "play with". They were not constructed for that. I don't think the oven method will work on the housing, and even if it did, I'm not sure what kind of damage would be caused. But I wont be certain until I get my sleeves rolled up. Based on initial survey of the assembly, it may come down to the trusty Dremmel and straight up re-fabrication. I'll pick my approach when they get here. Either way, clear fogs/drls are unique enough (installed already), but a custom headlight assembly? Now we are talking about "setting yourself apart". Wishful thinking for now, but I'll get it done!
Youve got the right idea. You will HAVE to modify the housing from the back. It would be quite a chore...Id thought about removing the whole back so I could paint the insides, but the method I used (oven plus prying) cracked the housing around the edges. You could fix this problem, tho, by painting the outside of the lens....

If you can fit the Lexus LS projectors in there, do that! :)
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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