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High Beam Projector Mod

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Has anyone attempted or has heard of a high-beam projector mod for the CTS? I'm not talking about an HID modification, just adding a projector to the high beam assembly to even things out. :bulb:
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Here's how you do it, but it's very slow and expensive.

Buy two left headlights and two right.

Cut out the lens on the first left light, not actually touching the lens but instead cutting through the black housing close to the edge with a cut-off wheel on the Dremel. This housing will be discarded. Then take a Dremel sanding wheel and sand off the remaining black housing material until only the lens remains.

Cut out the housing on the second left light, not actually touching the lens but instead cutting through the lens with the cut-off wheel. The lens will be discarded from this light. Then take a Dremel sanding wheel and remove any excess clear plastic lens until only the housing is left in perfect condition.

Use a good epoxy to fuse the remaining housing with the remaining lens - seal with clear silicon from behind.

You will have one spare projector left from the discarded housing, use this for your high beam.

Repeat the above for the right hand headlight.
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It will be very slow but if you take your time, you'll get a perfect fit.

I am installing a projector in my fog light housing - already done one but I have to seal it up still. The projector was from an STS fog light housing.

I've also played with the tail light. It's very difficult to remove the lens without breaking it.
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