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Hey guys!

My passenger side headlight glass housing is VERY faded and yellowed.
I have a PERFECT condition passenger headlight from my parts car!
BUT... for some reason, the one from the parts car doesn't have an HID bulb for the low beam... It has a standard bulb.

1) why is this?
I thought all STS's had HID's.

2) Can I use the perfect condition headlight assembly from the parts car, along with my existing HID?
If so, how?

Thanks a bunch! :blush:

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1 - HIDs were a fairly rare option, and only '01+.

2 - The way the bulbs mount are totally different, not comparable in the least.

The housings are plastic, and can be wet sanded and buffed to as new condition. Done correctly, and they'll look that way for as long as they did originally. Clear coat them, and they'll never yellow.

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My 2002.5 STS does not have HID low beams - and glad of it.

I hit them a lick and a promise last fall - first time since the picture date and they're NOT clearcoated.

You can do this with 4 beers and some time and a kit from 3M or


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Not to change the subject, but Sub have you ever seen the turn-park light lens inside the case become detached? I just noticed a couple days ago when detailing this new car that there was dirt in the headlight, then after looking around inside realized that small lens was just sitting inside the case!

How in the world did that happen and is that fixable? I'm assuming I'll have to replace the entire housing :(
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