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HID Headlights, Small Bulb

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OK guys I will try and explain this one and I hope it makes sense. Sorry I forgot to take a pic yesterday.

My wife has a 2004 SRX with the HID headlights. Looking at then from the front there is a little light bulb to the lower inside of the lens (both of them). I know when we lock and unlock the car via remote they flash, and when the lights are on they are also on. I have no clue what they are for but one is out. I have looked in the manual and it says nothing about them. Does anyone know the bulb number and secondly is it something I can change on my own. I have not really looked into changing them yet but I figured I would get the bulb first.

Thanks in advance.

Mike P
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Interesting I did notice that they DRL do go out when the low beams are on. TTopJohn thanks for the information. I will take a look at them this weekend and see if I can get to them, otherwise I will let the dealer do it.


Hey we just covered this and it is on page 3.
here is a link to it and let me see if I did this right. I had this issue and dealer changed it under the safety, $3 bulb and 1.1 hours to change it. Try this...

link works and hopefully this is what you needed!
Jake I did look at that thread before I wrote this one and I thought you guys were talking about DRL, but now that I read all the way to the end (shame on me) I see this is exactly what I am looking for. I will place a call to my dealer on Monday and see if I can get them covered under the warrentee. I did look at them last night and I have no idea how to get to them on my own.


1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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