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Hid Fogs Drls

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Alright i crashed my car and its gonna need work im just gonna do everything i had left to do:

1) V shocks & Springs
2) Get the spoiler i've had laying around for like six months put on
3) Get exhaust tips ive had laying around put on
4) Get the R1 Concept Premium Rotors & Brake pads i ordered the day before i had the accident put on.
5) WW clear sidemarkers that ive had for like a month put on.
6) Get the Volant intake i've had for like a month put on.
7) Order a clear Bra and put it on for the v-bumper.
8) And finally STS-V fogs

My question for you guys is how do i make the lights on the STS-Fog not come out yellow ( i think its called the DRL). If im not mistakin i have to buy some type of bulb or kit. Let me know, im looking for someone to post a link to an ebay auction of exactly what i need.

After all this ill be like 95% done with the car.

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Are those the LEDs that when they are on they are white light and then amber when they blink?
I have those but they dont work because it is a single filament socket and we the switchback is a dual filimant long story short they are just orange all the time
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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