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Hi Ralph! You're here hello!

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Just noticed that you're posting like I thought I'd say hello...I'm fresh home from Snookers, the local pool hall:shhh: , listening to Hank Jr., and I'm going to bed in a minute, but I wanted to say hi since you're on here RIGHT NOW!
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LOL, HELLO back!! You're not shy are you??

We have a pub/pool hall called "Snookers" too.

I just posted a 2007 Aviator thread 5 minutes ago, and when I went back to edit something, for some reason it posted the entire thread TWICE! I'm trying to figure that one out......,:helpless:

How's the weather in Cali...
Ah, weather is GREAT! it was around 70 or so degrees today, bright and shiney sun...friggin awesome, I loved it! Just wish I didn't have to work double shifts for the next three days so I could enjoy it...really tough decision between the money and the time off...but the money often wins out...about 2/3 for me right now, on is good, the jobs are fun (both beerslinging jobs) and I have lots of time off in summer and in january...Hahaha, Snookers is great here...its walking distance from home, so I can go there and not worry about how I'm getting home...if I need to, I can go and pick up the truck first thing in the morning, after catching a ride or hiking home, whichever it may be...but alas, bed calls, I must sleep, as its been a long, horrible six months for atcha later, hope tonight goes wondefully for you and you wake up in a great mood, ready to enjoy a wonderful new day in the great white north! G'night to ya for now!
It's not "white" just yet thank goodness! Not looking foreward to winter AT ALL! Ice and beautiful cars don't mix! Couldn't have been too bad the last 6 months with weather like that.:D

Night James.

<wait, this isn't a pm??> :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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