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Hi from Idaho

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been registered for some time now, and have been looking for a car to purchase. I finally did buy an 01 STS a couple of weeks ago. It has 80k on the odo, one owner, and seems to be in great cond. However, it is not perfect and has a few issues that need to be addressed. I'm looking forward to the great info, and help from the owner experts who have traveled this road before me, to help me learn more about this car, and it's quirks. :D

Thanks to all in advance.
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Welcome to the forum! :wavehi:
Welcome to the forum, great group of guys and gals, great car, kinda hard to go wrong in my book
Greetings and salutations.
I LOVE Idaho, especially Sandpoint. I used to live in Spokane.
:welcome5: to the forums and thanks for signing up. I have some great friends that live in Boise. We've made it up to visit several times in the past few years. We all made a trip out to Sun Valley once to snow ski when we were up. Good stuff. :)
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