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1992 Sedan deVille
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the Sandman said:
Hey Joey1986Z - Welcome to the CadillacForums! What do you have in mind for your mom's car? And when are you gonna move into a Caddy of your own? :D

Thanks for registering!
Thank You Sandman!

My Mom bought the car in 1995, near new condition with 16,000 miles.
It now has 70K something on it and needs a little TLC. She wants to keep it a few more years.

Caddy for me???

Let's see... how about an Escalade with some spinning chrome twentyfo's!
Just kidding.

Maybe an XLR, it's nearly a Vette anyway. I saw one on Interstate 75 the other day. Now if I can get that $200K job first!
I spent a month in Germany a few years ago and rented an Opel Omega (Catera). I was a fun car to drive.

I see you also have a Typhoon and a Syclone...Neat!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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