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Hey, I saw this on ebay, and wanted to know if it would work in my car........ it is form an '89 Park Ave...... Now, this is the same size/mounting as the cluster in my car, although since my cluster is ONLY an 85mph speedo, this has the 100mph speedo, tach and all the gauges, that would be really awesome if it would fit. I know my car has sensors for temp and tach, becuse in diagnostic mode, I can put it on engine rpm, and it givees me rpm/10 in digital numbers on the FDC (that is another story, I love the OBD of this thing) Now when I had my dash all apart, and took the speedo out, I know how it mounts and stuff, there are just 2 big wire harnesses, all digitla no actual "cable" or anything......... my question is, since the back bone of the 2 cars is very similar, is it possible both are wired/hooked up for tihs? I don't really want to spend $35-$40 to find out it will not work, but if it does, I can bring back my SunPro tach that I havn't installed yet and get $40 form that, plus I'll have the oil/tmep/voltage guages and the tach.......

Will this fit? please let me know before auction ends, Thanks everyone

-Rick (aka Panther)
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