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So I've been dealing with an issue for a bit that has had me scratching my head and I think I just inadvertently solved it.

My car seemed to not shift when I thought it should. Like, going at speed, I'll ease on the gas to accelerate, and where every other automatic transmission car would have downshifted, mine wouldn't, and RPM's would actually drop and I would almost feel like I was slowing down (probably because I was slightly "braced" to go faster and nothing much would happen).

So I would ease down further and further on the gas and eventually, it would kick down probably 2 gears and surge forward.

This seemed to start gradually, such that I wasn't sure if it was my imagination over time (getting used to the power) or if it was a genuine issue.

I had gone through many theories, from vacuum leaks to manifold bolts leaking to dirty MAF sensor, to clogged catalytic converter, etc.

Well yesterday I was doing an oil change and I turned the car on the "on" position to read the odometer to write down the mileage, and accidently left it there, draining the battery. It required a jump start, after which the oil life monitor had reset to 0% when I had just set it to 100% earlier.

This morning on a commute I was happy to notice that the downshift happens exactly where it should, and it's smooth as silk, no surging, no missing acceleration, no drop in rpm's.

What a great surprise :) But also, it makes me wonder, will it gradually revert to the crappy settings? I guess I don't mind resetting the memory now and then, but if i t's going to "learn" to drive like crap, I'd rather not have it learn anything at all! We'll see. For now, it's awesome.

Hope someone else might find this useful - I was actually going to try this before from a suggestion here, but I didn't have time, and then I kinda forgot about trying it at all. It's easy enough to be the first thing to try too (but don't drain your battery, just d/c it). Some say to touch the disconnected leads from the car together. But you didn't hear that from me, I am just repeating what I saw in other threads.
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