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Hey this is for everyone who wants help in Cadillac car stereo video and alarm systems. theres tons of people there that are very knowlegeable and have forums diagrams and other things to help you out. I have a diagram to wire my complete system head unit door speakers rear deck speakers and subs.
If you need help on taking out your stock/factory/BOSE head units or speakers out heres the site for you. They have pictures of actual vehicles and how to remove all the audio equipment. I found out how to remove the head unit from my car and it was as simple as removing the wood trim by pulling gently and then popping the locks on the front of the head unit. some delco lock huh? a todler could pull it out.
To find speakers subs anything that will work in place of your oem equipment go to click a link that says find what fits my vehicle. once there type in your information.
Another site to check and may be cheaper is both sites have specific fit items. crutchfield may be more helpful. i highly suggest checkin out the12volt and crutchfield.
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