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1993 Seville 4.9 150k
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I own a 93 4.9l with 129K on it.
Car has been good to me.
However, I am experiencing some tranny difficulty.
Whenever the temp outside is below approx 50, and the car is stone cold, I have to warm it up b-4 the car will move. I shift into d or r, the car seems to want to move, but I have to wait. It almost seems like the cold fluid is not being pushed hard enough?
Yes, I have had the trans drained and new filters roughly every 35K miles, and am meticulous re. maintenance.
It seems this is something simple. The car shifts thru smoothly, and never clunks or drops from a dead stop.
Any ideas, please? I am stumped.
Thanks for any help - the outside temp is now about 5, and it takes 15 minutes of idling b-4 the car will actually move.
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