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:confused: Trans fuse kept blowing. Put a new fuse in and drove about 4 miles, turned around and punched the gas....felt the tranny slip and knew the fuse had blown. I drove back with only 2nd gear. Unplugged the wires to the tranny, put another fuse in and drove it again, the fuse did not blow. Plugged the tranny back in and took off again and drove it about 8 miles total and the fuse did not blow. I was hoping the fuse would blow while the tranny was unplugged so I would get lucky and the problem would not be the tranny, but the fuse did not blow. Even the second time I plugged the tranny in and the fuse did not blow...maybe I should have drove further w/ the tranny unplugged. Any info would be appreciated! Has anyone else had this problem. I have the 4.9 with the 60E trans, 1992 STS.

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Do you know what component of the trans that the fuse belongs to? Also are there any codes?
By the way.....service engine light comes on when fuse blows...but goes off as soon as I replace the fuse. When this first started happening, the only code that came up was the power steering pressure switch and I had to have the computer reset. Do not have to have it reset now. Would solenoids be blowing fuse.......this particular fuse runs the EGR.....transaxle and powersteering switch.
If the check engine light comes on, there are stored codes. It is most likely that power steering pressure switch. Unplugging an item from the fuse will reduce the load on the fuse and may prevent it from blowing even if the faulty item is still drawing load from the fuse (still attached to the fuse).
I agree with Krashed. If you are blowing a fuse and getting a power steering switch code, that is likely where your problem lies.
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