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heres my story i have a 1988 4.5 liter cadillac eldorado

last nite i was riding and i floored the car from a start soon after maybe 25 seconds the cars coolant temp light went off i said okay ill just go home and check it out about 5 minutes later right before i got home the stop engine/temp light thing came on and my chime started to chime like the door was open or somthing so i got it home and the next day i looked at it and it was empty of coolant:eek: so i was like hopefully no damage was done i found a leak and fixed it and started the engine now it doesnt feel hot physically when i look at the motor but the coolant temp gauge on the computer thing says 230, 240, 250 and keeps rising shut it off at around 257 but like i said it doesnt really feel hot at all it feels like any other car its not really hot feeling or nothing could this be a temp gauge sensor not working properly or something

please help it will be greatly appreciated
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are u sure you have water in the motor for the water pump to pump??

Try filling your hoses, you might have an air gap in there somewhere.
Check your ground wires that go to the body. It sounds like one isn't making good contact.
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