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2005 Cadillac STS
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I have a 2005 Cadillac STS with 3.6 liter V6 LY7 engine. I started getting the notorious rattling noise after I slid on some black ice and ran off the road. It usually only rattled when at a stop light and always went away whenever accelerating. I thought it was an exhaust shield at first but I couldn't find anything loose. I searched the web for this rattling and I come across lots of people with the timing chain problems. After a few months, my CEL comes on. I bring it to Autozone and have them do a diagnostics test for me and it said it was a bad camshaft sensor. Since I've already been searching the rattling noise, I knew it was probably just throwing that code because my timing must have been off. Then a few weeks later, I can't start it. The engine just keeps cranking but won't turn over.

Thankfully there's so much helpful information on here that help me do it myself. I took it all apart, taking my time and making sure I did it all right. I installed the chain guides, tensioners, sprockets and all 3 chains easily with the help from some of these forums. I turn the crank and everything looks and feels good.


As I turn my crank I realize the tensioner on bank 1 isn't working right. I remembered that was the one the pin was out of when I bought it and I had to reset it myself. I figured I'd just take that tensioner off again, reset it, reinstall it and then pull the pin again.

When I took that tensioner off...the cams started to spin. Now I can see the lobes on the backside aren't even with each other. The chain was attached so I'm assuming that helped stop them from spinning any further.

Do I need to disassemble it all over again and restart? Will the cams spin again when I remove the chain? Could I have caused further damage when this happened?

I was also going to drop the oil pan when I was done with the timing to get anything out that may have fell in there. Any helpful links or guides to do this online?
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