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If anyone has any ideas about my situation i would appreciate it greatly.

Im having some odd problems with the taillights on my 94 Cadillac Concours.

Ok, the tail lights work when the outside temp. is 67°F or below, and they will stop working when the car warms up(depends on how cold it was outside to begin with)

My first indication that the stopped working is that the information center dims when the brakes are pressed or the turn signals flash slowly when the brakes are depressed.

Now when the car first starts warming up they don't stop working right then, at that point when i press the brake they come on dim and the parking lights also come on when the bake is pressed, and if i depress the brake and use the panel dimmer switch the tail lights dim and the parking lights get brighter.

When the car is really warm(like when it sits in the sun for a few hours) the tail lights just plain dont work, and the information center dims to a greater extent and certain electronic features just dont work.
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