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help with programming

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Hey all whats up? I had to change my battery in my 2002 sts, and when new 1 was installed i lost system. Does anyone know how I can restore system?
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says I need a disc so I didn't know if I had to go to dealer or if I could fing 1 online. actually had navigation disc in at time and when i ejected it, the door remains on tilt and won't close. figure it will close when proper disc is inserted. Thanks Chuck
I'm only talking about the bose system itself
do you have the denso nav system?
normal bose cd players dont have programming
and if you do have nav and its asking for programming then youve bricked it, there is no program disc, GM doesnt have it and Denso wont give it.
by bricked do you mean fried??? not sure what navigation system so if i bricked it what next?\
the radio in your car
is it just a CD player
or is it the DVD Nav system
(if its the nav system it will have 6 inch screen in the middle of the radio...)
Its a dvd nav. system with changer in console
shes cooked
Hitmoney (a member on the forum) was messing with his and it did the same thing, his was replaced under warranty
as yours is a 02 i HIGHLY doubt its under the factory bumper to bumper, so your out of luck.
wish i had better news for you...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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