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Help with parts

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Trying to find the splash shield that goes in the front passenger side wheel well.
It is the smaller of the 2 shields that are in the wheel well. It provides access to the horn and washer fluid reservoir. I've tried my local junkyards, and I don't have a part number to chase down. I can't find a schematic with a picture of it.
If anybody has one I will buy it.
Anybody know of a source for one?
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Oh, it's for a 2005 base deville,
That looks likely it, how did you find it. I looked and looked.
Thank you jmf1964.
Mission completed.
Now on to an intermittent p0410 code that sets the SES light every 3 -10 days.


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P 0410 - Secondary AIR system. Supplies fresh air to the exhaust manifolds during cold start to quickly light off the cat.

New thread subject.
Thanks Sub. I knowwhat the code definition is but not sure what is making it VERY intermittent. The blower motor runs every time but every so often sets the code. The cover is still on the blower and all of the hoses look good. What am I missing?
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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