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1995 Cadillac Deville
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I have a 1995 Cadillac Deville with the 4.9, I have replaced the EGR and solenoid, the
the o2 both sides
the tps, and need information on the proper way to set up the tps, and after clearing
the codes
I am showing P022. I need to learn how to correct this problem, plus when I am at idle, the
Check engine light comes on until I bring up the RPMs. I am hoping some one who knows
how to work on these things can help, since I find when searching, shade tree mechanics all
have there way of doing things.
Please note, I have a learning disability and dyslexia which makes learning harder.
I have my own service and learn by trial and error.
I work on cars and have found these new ones are a challenge.
I would ask the information be presented in a step by step process so I can follow
to learn.
Thank you

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Re: How to post Question for help with my 95 Deville with the 4.9 engine?

P022 (E022) .................................................. Open TPS Signal [VCC]

Replace the TPS

"The TPS, or throttle position sensor, on teh 4.9L is attached to the throttle, with a wire coming out of the top of a flat side portion.
The center section is shaped like a "P" on its side. It is on the opposite side of the throttle body from the Idle speed control or the actual throttle cable/control.
It is near a vacuum pipe fitting for the brake booster.

It is attached with two screws, with a retainer (washer/support).

To remove:
1) air cleaner
2) electrical connector
3) two TPS attaching screws and retainers.
4) throttle position sensor

TPS Adjustment:
1. enter diagnostics and select PCM Override ES02 "ISC Motor"
2. press the Cooler button on the ccdic to retract the isc motor. The climate control center display will change from 50 to 00. THe isc motor will slowly retract (about 20 seconds) to a fully retracted position. Verify that the throttle lever is resting on the minimum idle speed screw. With ISC plunger fully retracted, disconnect ISC harness.
3. with isc fully retracted, the plunger should not be touching the throttle lever. The throttle lever must be resting on the minimum air screw. Make sure that hte throttle is not being bound by the throttle, cruise, or TV cables. Readjust or repair cables causing throttle to bind.
4. Select PCM data ed01, TPS while still in PCM override ES03. Note the throttle position (in degrees) displayed on PCM parameter ED01
-0.5 degrees to +0.5 degrees go to step 6
-10 degrees to -.6 degrees or top +.6 degrees to 90 degrees go to stop 5.
5. using a T-25 L-shape torx wrench, loose the TPS screw just enough to permit the sensor to be rotated. Open the throttle slightly and allow the throttle lever to snap shut against the minimum air screw. Adjust the TPS so the parameter display is zero degrees. Tighten the TPS mounting screws with the sensor in the adjusted position. Recheck the parameter to be sure the parameter is -0.5 degrees to +0.5 degrees.
IMPORTANT: do nto sue excessive force to adjust the TPS or damage to the TPS or throttleshaft binding may occur. The TPS mounting screws must be loosened to perform the adjustment.
6. Reconnect ISC harness. Start the engine and check for proper ISC motor operation."

I edited your title

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I'm surprised you typed all that out ranger. I'm sure he's thankful! Good stuff man =)
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