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1993 DeVille
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My Service Engine light on my '93 Deville comes on intermittantly. My mechanic can't get it to come on when he drives the car, but when I drive it the light comes on after 10 mins of driving.


My dashboard has the digital fuel economy display at left and the climate control at right.

I hold down 'off' and 'warm' on the cc and fuel display and cc display everything. Then they fuel display shows E0970 the cc shows "- - -".

Pushing the hi or low buttons on the cc diplays cycles thru the codes on the fuel display. If I go up is diplays E codes, down it displays P codes.

It's not working like the instructions on this forum. I want to clear all the stored codes and get rid of the SES light and start from scratch.

What am I doing wrong???
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