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Help with engine id....

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I recently bought a 67, wich should have a 427 in it. The motor was changed out somewhere along the line, but I don't know if it has a 472 or a 500 in it. I have a 67 shop manual which shows the engine id on the back of the block behind the manifold. The number that is there is 1495200. Can anyone decode that for me? Is this the location of the casting number on the 472 or 500? If so can you point me to the id number?

Anyone that can help me out, THANK YOU!
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I don't know the answer to your direct question about what the casting id number means.

I have added a link in this post about the differens betwen the Caddy big blocks that you can look in if you haven't already, maybe you can find your answer there.

Good luck.

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Thank you for the link! With the VIN info, I can find out what engine is in my car. The numbers on the bellhousing are raised after I looked at them agian, so that is a casting number-which lines up with the info on that link. It is either a 472 or 500 because the number ends in 5200. I'll get the VIN number off the block and dig further..

Thank you for the help!
If somebody swapped out the original 429 then they must have also changed the transmission as the bellhousing is different. The trans probably has a small aluminum tag on it with the year.
best way might be to measure the stroke thru the plug hole.
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