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help with drivers seat

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is there anyway to move the drivers seat manually, some dildo plugged my seat in and moved it after telling them not to when i got it aligned and now it wont go back, used to i could unplug the seat and wait a bit and get it to move when i plugged it back in now nothing. is there a way to move it by hand thats easy?
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I have not found any manual operation, but it sounds like your seat motor has been tripping its internal overload switch. The fact that it will no longer reset after a cooling off period may indicate you have finally blown the fuse located in the rear fuse box. See attached.


What? You have a dildo on your seat? And you still use it? Do you like it?
lol no i let a dildo work on my car. it looks like all other functions work including forward movement just the backwards movement wont work now. sounds like switch but i done looked into that when i first got the car and didnt see anything wrong. there anyway to try to run a jumper from batt. to correct wire?
im not havnig any luck with much of anything. think im just gonna try to jump power to the motor and see if i can get it to move. how hard it is to removetheseat if i cant get this to work
See attached. The air bag system (SIR) can be disabled by disconnecting the battery.


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