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Help with battery - brake light problem

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I actually have a couple of problems, so i hope someone can help me, first of all both back brake lights are out in my 2005 cts, changed lights and took fuse out and it doesnt look like theres nothing wrong. neither r working, but anyway at this point its probably least of my problems, the other night i was setting at my work with the cell phone charging and listing to the radio without the car started, i went to try to start it and all it done was click wich the battery was dead... i unhooked the cell phone waited about 10min and it started up... I took it to parts place and they checked battery and it was good... so i turned the key over to acc just where the radio comes on and with then 2min it drained all the power from my battery.... as long as the car is going its fine, but if the key is in ignition and turned to acc it goes dead fast...what could be the problem with either issue here...
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did you have them check your alternator?
Your battery is four years old now and the life of those are 5 yrs so I recommend replacing the battery now to eliminate it as the culprit. If the problem continues, there may be a higher than normal current draw. There is an amp in the lower corner in the trunk, somtimes those get wet due to trunk leaks, check for mosture in the low corners of the trunk. Then it's a matter of pulling fuses one at a time to fine where the draw is comming from.
Thanks for the replys , the alternator checks out ok, now sammy r u saying there is a fuse box in the lower corner of trunk , should i check to see if any of these r blowed ... is that what your saying, cause i have checked the ones in the back seat and everything is fine....
No, there is no fuse box in the trunk, but the Amp is there and sometimes it gets wet. my suggestion was to pull the fuses one at a time and see if the current draw drops. I still think the battery is at the end-of-life and can't operate the accessories for a long period of time. these are all just my best guess, I'm not an expert. i hope these ideas get you close to the solution.
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