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So I just got this 98 STS, the first of my "newer" cars, and the system is going berzerk. I work in a shop and hooked it up to my verus diag computer and pulled all these codes.....

P0340 Cam Pos sensor "A" Bank 1

P0371 "A" Timing too many pulses

P0372 "A" Timing too few pulses

P0442 Evap small leak

P0741 T-Converter Check performance or stuck off

and then 8 codes ranging from P1323-P1377 all misfire codes, 2 of each, I'm guessing due to the cam sensor code?

The evap I can handle no problem. The converter code kind of scares me a little. Any info on what that could be?

I also have the warnings about "replace brakes" and service suspension system" I pulled the wheels to balance the tires and noticed there was an electrical connector not connected to anything on each of the front wheels. Each side has 2 connectors that look exactly alike, i believe the one that was still connected went to the front ABS sensors, but the others.......?

And i get the apparently very common "speed limited to 90mph" warning.

Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated.

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P0741, absent other transmission solenoid or shift codes, means the Torque Converter Clutch is stuck OFF. This system removes the last 300 or so rpm of "slip" between the stator and rotor in 4th gear. It's a sort of "5th speed" converter lockup. The problems can be either the converter clutch and seals themselves or the TCC solenoid. The TCC solenoid can be done with time, magic words, and a partial transmission removal (!!!) - the converter requires total transmission removal - a cradle drop job (!!!!!).

P0442 - check the EVAP solenoid and valve under the rear run of the fuel rail. The EVAP canister up under the frame rail under the rear driver's side door. The gas cap itself. Pray it isn't the tank pressure sensor or vacuum hose up there - that's on top of the fuel pump module and requires tank removal.

The CaMshaft Position (Hall) sensor is bolted into the front face of the right cam cover, at 6 o'clock on the exhaust cam location - it's triggered by a tit on the cam drive sprocket and sends piston position reference to the PCM.

"Speed limited to 90" is brakes, suspension, ABS, EBCM - $$$. The car has active Constantly Variable Road Sensing Suspension - any problems there and the speed limits will set. The brake wear sensors (replaceable) have worn down and tripped the brake message.

Remember - this car has its own built-in code reader/scanner/memory. The sticky ^^^ "How to pull codes". Study.

Get a REAL GM/Helm Service Manual - eBay or

EDIT: Welcome Aboard !!!!!!.......:highfive:
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