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help with 98 deville door skin removal

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my passenger side window got stuck DOWN. the window wouldn't go back up. any suggestions other than check fuse. can someone tell me how to remove the door skins so i can manually push the window up maybe? thanks
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I saw this in a previous post, apologies to the original author I cannot find the page anymore I had this saved on my desktop:

It is not difficult. You need a small 1. flat screwdriver and a phillips.
Remove the window switch by inserting the flat screwdriver into the front of the panel and lifting. Do it carefully. There is a metal tab that keeps it in place. Next, remove the red/white plastic light from the white end. There are small ratchet like things that need to be depressed carefully with the flat screwdriver. Remove the door handle surround by pulling from the top. You should remove all of the wire connections at this point. Once those are out and wires removed, you will find two phillips screws. Behind the triangular piece on the top side of the panel is one last screw. It is where the outside mirror would connect. Once all 3 screws are removed, you should be able to grasp the door pulll on the panel and lift straight up. DO NOT pull towards the interior of the car. Remove the speaker connection. You may get an IRC code after removing the speaker, but it usually means that it has detected one of the speakers was not there. Hope this helps.
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