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Help with 97 STS

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So i have a 97 STS and love it. The only problem is the back end sits a little low. I believe it has a self leverage system but have never heard anything. I have takin it to the dealer and the told me it was fine??? When two or more people are in the back of the car the rear wheel are very close to touching the wheel hub.. Can anyone diagnosis my problems or give me some hints on what to inspect. Thanks, Chief.
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With the engine running, have someone sit in the trunk. Do you hear the compressor run? I think it is mounted behind the right rear wheel. If not, check the fuse. If it is OK, check the wiring to it. If you do hear it run, but the car does not level, I'd suspect a leak. Start spraying the air lines at all the connections as well as the shock boots with soapy water.
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