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Help! What happened?

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:hmm: After parking my 2000 DeVille DHS it would not re-start. Nothing happened when I turned the key but the battery was fine and the lights worked. The interior lights would not shut off until the ten minute limit ended and the lights on the driver door panel would not go off at all. The auto door opener wouldn't even work. NADA! It started only after disconnecting the battery to let the computers recycle. What happened? How can I prevent this from happening again? HELP!!!
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you had a class2 data problem,anytime you get dashes on the dash it is because it has lost communications with the other modules,by disconnecting the battery and hooking it back up you reset the system,this is refered to as logic lock possibly and or a problem with the class2 communications wiring being shorted to voltage or ground,i would suspect a bad door module,because of your comment on the lights staying on at that door.
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