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Help Vinyl Roof Re-Dye

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I'm planning to re-dye my Vinyl Roof on my 89 Caddy Fleetwood Brougham. Its torn up a little bit at the top, it aslo has like "bumps" on the sides next to windows, I really don know what those are... I want to get it re-dyed a Base Black, nothing fancy. Anyone know what a legit price range would be? I contacted Macco *sigh* and a couple local Body Shops they all said that it would be about 250-350. Is this ligit or crap? I might consider just buying a new Vinyl Roof...

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Sounds a lil high but if there's any tearing or bubbling (high probability of rust under there) it is definately a better idea to just replace it.
Great, thanks for the help. There is some bubbling under the Vinyal Roof, Its nothing big though. Do you have any idea how much a replacement would cost and if it is somthing than I can do myself (replacing it)??

I had a full vinyl top replaced for about $250. I also had rust bubbling up in the sides. They went ahead and took care of that also.
Not a job for DIY really. Find some local people who might know a good shop who will do it for a good price, otherwise just call around some more...
I had the top on my '76 limo dyed from white to black last December. The shop did a good job; looks good.
The price was $383.
just replace the top itll look better i had mine replaced for 350 and got 3 d custom lrttering ya it doesnt look stock but its pretty
You are best off getting it replaced. You need to take care of that bubbling, else it will get worse.
Great, thanks for the help. I'll probably end up replacing it, as it is cheaper than I thought it would be...

Thanks again,
Caddy 89
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