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Help...---... Radio Silence!!

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I was working on my radio, hardwiring a XM antenna. I pulled the radio to find no antenna connection at all! It was acully in the engine compartment. I disconnected the antenna to find that the XM components(male to female, etc..) didnt fit. I put everything back together and , NO RECEPTION, just static. I have checked all connection ,TWICE. Someone tell me, WHAT THE.................
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What year and model car? I believe most late model cads have the remote receiver located in the trunk. That is where the antenna plugs into the system.
91 FWB, the antenna is in the front fender,passenger side. I'm sure the coaxial is in the engine compartment.
Eldyfig said:
Yes, wherever the antenna is.
HUH? I know where it is please read the begining post to try to help me solve the problem.
My last post was just an agreement with you. My apologies for the misunderstanding.

Was it still working after you reinstalled the radio, before you went looking for the antenna wire and remote receiver elsewhere? If you didn't check, might it be possible something isn't connected behind the radio?
I have a 91 Brougham also and I think I remember the male end of the antenna cable that would usually go to the radio receiver goes instead to the remote receiver under the dash. The system is in two pieces you have a head unit and the remote receiver behind the dash. Hope this helps.
Maybe the coax cable was in the engine compartment for a reason...didn't work in the past or new cable, etc.? Could you try a new coax from yard/ dealer?
Ok, forgive me if I sound a lil frustated, I am. The radio was working fine with no troubles until I disconnected the coaxiaL, and very gently I might add. That was the only thing that I touched. The radio comes on, so that tells me it is grounded(or isn't it?) I just get static on all channels
:hmm: Guys, I know someone in here knows the solution to my radio!!

This thing is driving me nuts!!:banghead:
Does the CD or tape work? Also mabey theres a bad connection now, try some diode electric grease.
Yes, and what is this grease you speak of? :hmm:
Diolectric or dielectric grease. It keeps electrical connections clean and moisture free longer than dry connections.

You still need to find the problem first.
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