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help please!!!!!!!!

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part numbers or replacement options for front struts on a 2002 base model deville. did the search thing but was unsure what to get from the sites!!!
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Go to your local Caddy dealer, and give them your VIN. They search thier computer, and find the part numbers of what was on your car, when it was brand new. That is how I got the numbers for my struts.

i guess i will go into the dealer. i tried to get them over the phone but they wouldnt give them to me.
Yeah just ask them for an estimate on the prices. They will print out a sheet with their prices and the part numbers for you.
Man, I must have a damn cool dealer. I did not buy my car from them, but they have been extremely helpful. I have never been denied info from them. I got the strut part numbers from them, over the phone. Thier phone number escapes me at the moment, but here is the dealers info.

McGuire Cadillac
Rte 1
Woodbridge NJ

Are code for them is 732. Just call information, get the number, and give them a call.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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