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Help please power seats broken urgent

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I really need some help and quick!

Yesterday I stepped on the power seat controls on my driver side seat and cracked the little lever thing off. This wouldnt be a problem because my seat was in the normal position but smart young me messed with it and now the seat is stuck all the way forward. I can make the seat do everything else except go backwards.... Any suggestions? Anyone know how much it would cost to replace it? Would I have to have the whole seat replaced??


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Have you tried pressing the memory seat button? Hopefully you had it programmed to your position.

I have the base model :( no memory seats!

Thanks though!
Then I guess my next suggestion, that I just thought of before coming back but read then update. Is that you can't steal it from the passenger seat huh?

Nope :( would I be able to just replace it? (the power control box thing)
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