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Help me id this grille!

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Hello all, hope you can help. A friend of mine has this 1972 Cadillac Eldorado convertable but has not been able to find any information about the grille/shroud on this particular car. It has small engraved plates on the doors that say "1972 Masters Golf Tournament". Is this grille/shroud some kind of J.C. Whitney item or is it a authentic Cadillac part. Any help would really be appreciated.


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It was a promotional package offered by dealerships typically in Florida and California but were found in other states as well. Normally the POLO, JACK NICKLAUS, MASTERS, PEBBLE BEACH, were custom signature designs. E&G Classics provided many of the custom signature grills.
Hey, thanks very much! That helps get us started tracking this down.

I have the same grill on my 1972 Eldorado but no mention of a golf tournament. Mine was purchased new here in Alexandria, VA. Does anyone know how rare this is or how this option raises the value of the car? I also have the Continental trunk which I was told was a rare option as well.




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It not rare and more than likely decreases the value of the car. They where dealer addons back in the "super fly" 70's. Beautiful car otherwise.
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