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Help me decide!!!

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I'm the proud owner of a 2008 RWD CTS (as of 3/20/2011) but I am thinking of "swapping" up to either a (two different dealers):

A) 2008 AWD PFI CTS with 23k miles (Performance Luxury pkg)
B) 2008 AWD DI CTS with 41k miles (Nav)

Considering other options like heated seats, power seats, sun roof, and memory seats are on both vehicles AND the condition of both is excellent AND the prices are the same, which would you buy?

My bad if this is the wrong way to start my membership (actually I wanted to wait until I officially had one) but man this is a hard decision. I've done blue book values on both and the DI comes out ahead by only $300. But my mind is stuck on mileage...
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I am "purist" and prefer RWD. I also went with DI engine for extra performance. But drive both of them and "feel them".
In the end it is your money and you will have to live with what ever you select.
if you are concerned with winter and snow traction your best bet would be to invest in a set of good winter tires. I frequently traveled to Europe in recent years and greatly appreciated winter tires while driving out there on snow. The tires make more difference than AWD. At least it is my experience.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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