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Help me decide!!!

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I'm the proud owner of a 2008 RWD CTS (as of 3/20/2011) but I am thinking of "swapping" up to either a (two different dealers):

A) 2008 AWD PFI CTS with 23k miles (Performance Luxury pkg)
B) 2008 AWD DI CTS with 41k miles (Nav)

Considering other options like heated seats, power seats, sun roof, and memory seats are on both vehicles AND the condition of both is excellent AND the prices are the same, which would you buy?

My bad if this is the wrong way to start my membership (actually I wanted to wait until I officially had one) but man this is a hard decision. I've done blue book values on both and the DI comes out ahead by only $300. But my mind is stuck on mileage...
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Thanks for the votes...

I test drove them both today and could not tell the difference between the DI and the PFI. I dunno, maybe its because I ride a 2007 Yamaha R1 and know what real acceleration is... Which is why I didn't really care about the DI in the first place, but I do think it would be a decent investment (resale) in the long run so long as I don't rack up the miles. But hell it already has 41k lol

The AWD DI was loaded though (Nav, DVD, Heated seats, A/C seats...) in the end I couldn't get over the mileage and the fact that it had the tan leather which was all discolored...

I ended up not buying either of them and holding onto the one I already have (RWD PFI). But damn I just moved to Pittsburgh from Atlanta and really think I should get a CTS4... Has anyone tried to tackle snow with just the RWD traction control? I mean I see RWD cars in Pittsburgh including numerous 1st generation CTS's... How have they managed? I would have "swapped" up to the AWD PFI but the idiots at the dealership didn't bother to clean it or fix the driver side door actuator! Couldn't even get in the damn thing properly!

I dunno, I still have 1 more day to figure this out for the next 5 years lol. Maybe I should grab the DI... Is 41k too many miles for a 2008?
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Caddad08 you are correct, well almost... I have 5 days.
I've been buying and swapping (yes, swapped once already from a w/1SA to w/1SB+luxury pkg) through Carmax and have been pleased with their service. I took the one I have now to get checked by a real Cadillac dealer and they said it was in great condition and passed everything they tested (said even the brakes looked new, even with the car having 21k miles). They also said I could get GMs extended warranty since it is still under warranty.
Unfortunantly I didn't have that luxury (pun intended) to drive around car shopping. The only reason I got into the market for a different car was because my faithful 94 Honda Prelude VTEC got totaled a few weeks ago. I quickly found out that the "Catch 22" to buying a new car is that you gotta have one in order to shop around... Enter CarMax... And even when I got the w/1SA I looked around locally for a better deal since I now had a car to drive around and even use as a negotiating tool... "I got this CTS here, if you (random dealer) can give me a better deal I'll buy yours and take this one back." But I never found a dealer (semi local) that had one worth going too, except other CarMax's in other states.
Since I'm a new owner this will be my *intro into this forum community:

The CTS I have is a direct reflection of what I perceived a Cadillac to be... before I ever knew what CTS4 and DI even meant. *I know that probably sounds bad coming from a guy but I've been a fanatic of sport bikes since I graduated college (I'm 28 now) and never cared for cars; which is why I've had 6 different bikes in 5 years and the same car until now. But the 08 caddy always had my admiration when I passed it on the highway on my bike ;) I'm happy with my CTS because it represents me, my desires and personality the best. If I initially cared anything about driving in the snow I would have bought a Subaru. If I cared about going fast in a car I would have bought a 350z or something. But I didn't and still kinda don't, I just saw that I could have one and still kinda stay in my budget.*

I have the CTS that I set out to have in the first place (interior bells and whistles) and feel blessed to be among you all.*

PS. Besides, I plan on moving back down South (Atlanta or Birmingham) in the next year or two, and I definitely won't need AWD there. *
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