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Help me decide!!!

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I'm the proud owner of a 2008 RWD CTS (as of 3/20/2011) but I am thinking of "swapping" up to either a (two different dealers):

A) 2008 AWD PFI CTS with 23k miles (Performance Luxury pkg)
B) 2008 AWD DI CTS with 41k miles (Nav)

Considering other options like heated seats, power seats, sun roof, and memory seats are on both vehicles AND the condition of both is excellent AND the prices are the same, which would you buy?

My bad if this is the wrong way to start my membership (actually I wanted to wait until I officially had one) but man this is a hard decision. I've done blue book values on both and the DI comes out ahead by only $300. But my mind is stuck on mileage...
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Do the prices for these cars include the CPO warranty? That would be a determining factor for me. Unless you are seeking out the most performance - short of a V - the engine difference would not be a tipping point in most cases. However, I went the DI route just to have that little bit of extra oomph! :)
He most likely has 3 days to change his mind and swap to another vehicle. If the dealer isn't a cadillac dealer who can certify the car for 6yrs. 100K then I would shy away from a car with 41K as the warranty will expire soon and any repairs will have to be paid for. The higher end the vehicle with more bells and whistles, the greater the likelihood of problems after a few years and 50K plus miles.
Based on your last post I guess I would tell you to stick with the one you have! I would also advise to get the GMPP plan. Personally, when I was looking back in January I found that Carmax pricing was a couple of thousand higher than what I could find at some Cadillac dealers. I did have to go about 250 miles to pick up my car but it saved me over $3K from what my local Carmax had or could transfer in without a major transfer fee. Plus I got the extended CPO warranty at no additional cost.
I understand. Actually I didn't do any driving. I shopped via the internet, found the best deals for the 08 CTS model with options I wanted and then called and negotiated with the dealers up front. It ended up being a choice between 3 different dealers with similar CTS's, 2 in Michigan and 1 in Ohio. After I made the final choice, all paperwork was handled via Fedex by the dealer I agreed to buy from and then I went and drove it back. They even offered to deliver it to me but I didn't want to pay them for that. If you aren't fully satisfied with your purchase I would suggest getting a cheap short term rental, ( yes it still costs you more money), but at least you don't have to make a 1 day decision that you have to live with for many years. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.
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