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Help me decide!!!

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I'm the proud owner of a 2008 RWD CTS (as of 3/20/2011) but I am thinking of "swapping" up to either a (two different dealers):

A) 2008 AWD PFI CTS with 23k miles (Performance Luxury pkg)
B) 2008 AWD DI CTS with 41k miles (Nav)

Considering other options like heated seats, power seats, sun roof, and memory seats are on both vehicles AND the condition of both is excellent AND the prices are the same, which would you buy?

My bad if this is the wrong way to start my membership (actually I wanted to wait until I officially had one) but man this is a hard decision. I've done blue book values on both and the DI comes out ahead by only $300. But my mind is stuck on mileage...
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Not really especially if the build is an early one. I have AWD and it's weird, because it's so subtle how it works. It is pretty much a rwd car until it needs the front 2 wheels, then they just start spinning (say in the snow) and you never really noticed, except that you are moving and the back end is not swinging out in front of you. Remember, nav updates are expensive, so if you go that way, try to get the dealer to update it now for free. I think the performance package is almost a must. The hid's, fog lights and 18" wheels make a huge difference. My phones nav is so much better than any cars is ever going to be, I never cared about the nav.
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