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HELP!! Low Oil Pressure

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I have a 2002 STS with 55,000 miles. last week I got the low oil pressure warning chime three times while slowly turning through a parking lot at work (after driving 12 miles to get there). I only use Mobil 1 5W30 and the car has not been abused. The engine does not use any oil and it is always changed when the indicator gets to the 50% oil life. Are the sending units a problem here or am I looking at a big expense? I am going to try changing th sensor first.
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Change your filter & oil, and change the pressure switch. Go from there. If that's not it, try torquing the harmonic damper bolt slightly, just in case it never had proper torque or the car has been recently worked on. Do you know the vehicle's history?
Also check the wires and connection while you're down there changing the sensor.
I bought the car off lease with 20k miles in 2005. Shortly thereafter the pistons/rods were changed under warranty to correct a mild knock on cold startup but that was 30k miles ago. Other than that the car has been trouble free.
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