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Help identifying shifter (pictures)

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Does anyone know what brand shifter this is? What is the approximate used value and what all would I need to install it? Bushings, washers, etc.? Thank you in advance!


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Thank you sir!

Would I need anything else to install it? Bushings??
It is something I'm considering buying. Hopefully it will mine soon. I will let you know about the knob.
What would you consider an awesome deal? How much is a stock modified?
For the record the guy was asking $125. We agreed on $100.

I haven't gone to pick it up yet though. Is this a good deal?
I got it for $100, figured I would give it a try. It feels pretty good. I should have swapped out that large plastic cup though. The one on my stock shifter felt a little tighter. I had to swap the guy my stock shifter though. I now just have to figure out how to get the shift knob off. It is stuck. I have put it in 2nd...tried reverse...tried everything. It does not come off like my stock one did. Any ideas?
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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