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2001 catera sport...w/ some minor customizations
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noodling on getting some aftermarket wheels. i'm not into the super-low-pro ghetto look - the roads in my 'hood are too rough, but i do like steamrollers.

so i'm thinking 18x8 rims w/ 45 series what you might see on BTCC race cars.

first, i'm assuming such a wheel/tire combo w/ a 45mm offset will fit just fine on a catera (considering i've seen pics of 20s).

second, looking for suggestions on sources for wheels that are catera-compatible, w/ the correct offset and 5x110 drilling.

third, is there a place to see various wheels folks on the forum have fitted to their cateras? i know there's gotta be some super-fly stuff out there that i wanna see. is there an image gallery or something?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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