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Help buying a V

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First. Congrats to all of you who already have a V. I am definately buying a V in the next few months but had some questions. First, I was hoping recent owners could help establish the true market value. What have people paid for V's from dealers recently for 06/07s. Also, when I test/inspect cars, outside of normal inspection/maintnence history, is there anything that is STS v specific as a trouble spot that I should be cognicent of.

Any and all help is appreciated!
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I just picked up an 06 raven black with 13,000 on it for just under $30,000.
I just bought a 1 owner, Cadillac Certified, 2006 STS-V with 20K miles and new tires with a clean Carfax for $32K. It was listed at $36k. I looked for a month and a half and finally found mine. For me personally I wanted a low miles, Raven Black or Thunder Gray, non-smokers, clean and non crashed car for under $35k.
As for things to look for. I found in my searches that most of these cars will have terrible curb rash on the wheels. So depending on how picky you are, you can try to find one with good wheels or just budget to get chrome ones later. Most of these cars seem to be in the East half of the country. So if you're in the west like I am, it makes it a little tougher. Good Luck.
I recently purchased a 2006 STS-V with 33,000 miles for 26,995 from my local dealer. They located the car for me through GM auction and had it shipped. The engine blew 3 days later so now i am getting a brand new motor for the car. So I guess I payed 26,995 for a car with 0 miles lol.
How is GM handling the warranty engine replacement? Have you had any trouble?
How is GM handling the warranty engine replacement? Have you had any trouble?
As far as i know GM is picking up the whole tab since they have determined it was a internal mechanical failure not abuse or neglect on my part.
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