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Help asap!!

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I have a 2008 Escalade with no power whatsoever. nothing in the Escalade works not the remote lights nothing. the truck won't even a lock with the remote or with the button inside the truck. the truck won't even turn on nothing works but the AC and the navigation. last night I was sitting in the truck with the stereo on and the key out of the ignition. I open the driver's door to open the passenger door got back into the driver seat and nothing would turn on. no lights come on nothing but the AC and navigatio. I had to get it towed to my house last night please help. I think it has something to do with the anti theft system.
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I took the battery out of my 2007 escalade to jump start another car and put the dead battery in the escalade to the same results your describing. Even after the battery was fully recharged nothing in the truck worked. The dealer said i fried the BCM (body control module).
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