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Help Anyone know what this part is

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It seems to me making a clicking sound. If anyone know what this part is it would be of great help to me. Also when I open my gas cap I can hear a pulse or clicking in the tank ( or it seems like it's coming from in the tank).

Thanks for any help
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I forget the name off the top of my head, I have the part number at home (@ work now) because I was going to replace mine also because it is making a clicking noise too..... I had my car in the Dealer and was told that it was normal, still I have my doughts.... When I found a place that actually carried the part it was something like $18, thinking of replacing it when I do my next oil change......
It looks like it could be some kind of fuel solenoid?
It looks like it could be some kind of fuel solenoid?
There is a fuel solenoid that shuts down under certain circumstances.
it's a emission vapor canister purge valve ACDELCO part #2141685 (replaces #12591334,12611801) unit price the last time I looked it up was $18.63. I guess the easiest way to see if it's working right (the idiot's test) is unplug it and there should be a huge difference in Idle, if not replace it.

That's got to be the cheapest part on the car, I thought surely it would be in the $100 range. What a deal.
So true............. has them ranging $16-$18, claims the same and good old schuck's $33.99. That's the only reason I was going to change it when I do the oil and filters even if the dealer says the clicking noise is normal........... you never know maybe they all don't do it......
I have the 2.8 v6. And I hear that clicking noise as well. I thought it was the PCV, but you guys are saying it's not?

When you say unplug it, how? Unplug the electrical wire, or the vaccum tube? I haven't taken the cover off of my car in a while. So I am just going by the picture above.

Since this isn't the PCV, what kind do we have in the CTS? Is it fully mechanical, fully electric or a hybred of the both? Talking about the PCV here now. I know in my 04 Grand Prix, it was fully electric because it cost over $200 and it was readable via the OBDII. Where as in my 04 Grand Am, it's fully mechanical.

It's a purge solenoid. It is supposed to tick. It is operated by pulse width modulation, or basically the computer switching it on and off constantly.
It won't click all the time as purge is not required when the engine is cold.
It should only be replaced if it has failed. Ticking means it is working.
Can someone tell me where under the hood I can locate this purge solenoid on an 06?
Yeap, right under that big plastic piece. Remove the oil filler cap, then pull on the plastic piece. It will be towards the cabin of the car and on the passenger side.

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