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HELP: 8 flashes on check engine light and car stalled. what could it be??

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just like the title says..any help is greatly appreciated. the car has stalled and came back on 2 times today..and also has been running rough with the check engine light coming on intermittently with 8 flashes. what could this be??!
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I have to say "misfires"

Get the code from that engine light and we will try to help you!
Yes, you need those codes read ASAP. Flashing lights are urgent issues.
im not sure he can read the codes on the 2006, you may need to bring the car to a place they can hook up the diagnostics code reader
you can read the codes on any year...just go buy a code reader
Or go to AutoZone and ask them to read the code for free.
Hit the OnStar button and ask them to read the codes.
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