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Hi I'm Shalomaw,

I'm not a current owner of a Cadillac, but I'm an advent fan since my early youth days. My father was a Cadillac enthusiast since the 50's owning at one time or another some of the Classic 50 - 60's Caddy's that today sell for $50K or more. As such, I've been a Caddy man my whole life even if its just by research of product and appreciation of design and standards that Cadillac always stood for.

I am very impressed and pleased of the new direction Cadillac has chosen and I believe they're on their way to reclaim a market that they created.

Even though I don't own a Caddy, I have "sold" the new CTS to several of my closest friends and family. I give them all the facts about the vehicle that even the dealership salesman can't deliver (and with great joy and appreciation).... I should be earning a commission from Cadillac for my efforts (just kidding), but honesty, it doesn't matter. I just love the Cadillac.

All the best...
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