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Hello, Proud New Owner!!!

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Looks great! Love the color! Chromaflair right?
Thunder Grey Chromaflair, Yup!
Thats one of my favorites. I can't decide between that, Diamond White, and Black.
Do you have a black interior...ebony, i guess?

PS. Why are you home posting pics and answering questions. Go drive the car. :) :)
I LOVE Thunder Gray. That color is even better in person than in pictures. :thumbsup: Was my second choice after Radiant Silver... Congrats!
Thanks for the photo, I have one on order, can't wait. Thunder Gray, all options, manual.
Yeah, I LOVE it!
I traded in my STS V and am just blown away.
Got everything except the recaro's.
It's KING OF THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep - looks beautiful!:thumbsup: That was my 2nd choice, but finally went with black/black, (yeah I know - it's hard to keep clean, but ... ).

Congrats! Any 1st impressions yet?

Yes, it reminds me of my '06 Z06 that had 630 hp.
It's a real MONSTER!!!!!
But also, classy and beautiful, just the right combo.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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