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Hi everyone,
My name is Joel, 28 years old from Switzerland, in the Geneva area. I am the new owner of a 1992 Seville.
It is an American domestic imported model, HT 4900 engine with around 60 000 miles on it.
I got the thing dirt cheap, like 500$. No one want them here !
The poor caddie has a few issues but the engine and transmission run smoothly and the car body is really clean!

The current To-Do List:
-Front brakes vibrate, change discs and pads to start on fresh stuff.
-Rear suspension bounces like hell, plus "SERVICE RIDE SOON" on the dash, change rear shocks.
-Gear handle broken. Getting a new (used) one seems tough!
-Weird electrical problem when actuating electric stuff like High Beam, trunk opener, the engine rattles, gets on lower RPM and stalls.
-Side mirror do not work.
-Cassette player does nor work

Lots of work but hey, I now own a rolling living room !
Have a nice day!

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Welcome to CF !!! Your most difficult work will be finding the correct parts for maintenance and repair.

Subscribe the car to - it's the online GM/Cadillac service manuals plus a lot more side info. Some of the procedures and torques for that car are not intuitive.

To search for questions in this site, use a Google search - type in something like "cadillac forums 1992 seville rear suspension" or whatever, always preceded by "cadillac forums .........".

More info in the Seville forum - always read the sticky threads - marked by a push pin - in any forum of interest.
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